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Exchange Policy

  • #After receiving the product, if there is any problem, it can be changed easily from any outlet

    #In this case, you can take another size of this dress or any size of any other dress. In that case, the price should be adjusted.

    # You can change the products purchased online if you want.

    # In case of online exchange, the previous product must be returned to the delivery agent while receiving the new product. A total of 150 Tk has to be paid including delivery charge and return for online change.

    # When receiving the goods purchased online, it must be opened and inspected in front of the delivery agent.

    # Any discrepancy should be reported to the delivery agent. If you do not want to receive the product for any reason, you must pay a delivery charge of 100 taka.

    # At the time of receiving the delivery, it must be inspected in front of the delivery agent. No complaint will be entertained after receiving the product.

    # Products purchased from the outlet are not exchanged online

    # Exchange period for products purchased from outlets and online is 30 days.

  • We are at your side with necessary change support.

    Deshal E-Commerce & Support Center - 01318 240411.

Handcrafted ethnic luxury clothing inspired by bengali nostalgia and mythology